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About Buddy *I need a foster or adoptive home*

  • Status: Available for Adoption (adoption info)
  • Species: Dog
  • General Color: Red/Golden/Orange/Chestnut with Black
  • Current Size: 75 Pounds
  • Current Age: 10 Years 11 Months (best estimate)
  • Fence Required: Yes
  • Housetrained: Yes
  • Exercise Needs: Moderate
  • Grooming Needs: Moderate
  • Owner Experience Needed: Breed
  • Reaction to New People: Protective

Buddy is a special dog. He had a very neglected history, but loves his person and would love a home where he can be with his person a lot, go for lots of walks, exploring, and dog parks. Buddy loves to get up and go - love, love, loves to walk. Has a drive for it. He loves car rides, going places, doing things (like walking :)

He can also lounge around  with you while you work or cook or whatever. He just likes to be with you. He is a very devoted dog (guardian type). We think he is an Anatolian Shepherd mix. He certainly has some of the look and characteristics of an Anatolian Shepherd, however he is not destructive when left alone in the house (he doesn't chew up things). He gets along great with other, outside dogs. (He goes to a dog park on a 30 foot lead and meets lots of dogs and has never shown an issue). He does have a deep bark but is not barking constantly and has gotten much better. He will "alert bark" at times if he is in a yard and he sees people walking by but again has made so many improvements. When he first came to us he would bark and lunge at big trucks or motorcycles and sometimes bikers- but that has even subsided. 

He does have guardian instincts. He does seem to prefer one person over the other (so best if he lives with a single person, unless it is a couple that have experience with this kind of dog). The Anatolian Shepherds were bred to be working dogs, utilitarian, guarding the flock. They have a sense of duty in them, extremely loyal, and responsive to their humans albeit willful and stubborn. 

If he is living with a single person - that is his person and he is GREAT with that person. At the dog park he mostly ignores people in the periphery, nearly always obsessed with what he is smelling- totally ignoring people, but I have him on a 30 foot lead so I can shorten it up when necessary or just steer him away from the anyone on a path- just steer him away from people. He would be "iffy" with strangers. But he is super manageable on a walk or at a dog park if you know to just not let anyone carelessly walk up to him. Again he might be ok with some people, but he is random and can be suspicious of strangers so one has to manage him as if any stranger is not ok to walk up to him. His life should not be limited, as he can be easily managed if you are a good leader/manager when in the outside world. 

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More about Buddy *I need a foster or adoptive home*

Good with Dogs, Not Good with Cats, Is Not Good with Kids, Somewhat vocal, Does Good in the Car, Requires a yard, Leashtrained, Protective, Playful, Affectionate, Intelligent, Goofy

Special Needs: Buddy came to us after a rescue down in Kentucky brought him to our attention. The KY rescue became aware of Buddy's situation through a network of animal rescuers in KY. They had gotten word of a very rural home that had an overflow of dogs that needed to be rescued. They had many dogs living outside in containment shelters, most of them sort of jerry rigged kennel type things. Apparently (and some of these facts are speculation) apparently Buddy had lived in this jerry rigged outdoor kennel (and it wasn't a tiny kennel so at least he got to move around). For possibly 8 years. It was mentioned that maybe they got him as a young dog and now he is @ 9-11 years old. When you meet Buddy you will see how this situation would have been excruciating for him socially, as he is definitely a "Devotion Dog" He loves his person and wants to never be apart, really. He can be left of course if you go to work or aren't in the house with him, he does not have to be kenneled and will not destroy anything while you are gone and his 100% housetrained (so he doesn't have traditional separation anxiety) but you can tell when you get home and as you go about your day that this dog wants to be by your side. Buddy also I believe is a working dog. If he is 9-11 years old he doesn't act like it. He has a drive in him, a readiness, a wanting to go. He will and can relax and lay around for hours at an end but the point is when he has an opportunity to get outside, or to go for a walk, dog park, he is "ALL IN" like he LOVES to walk and loves to explore and loves to move. Maybe he is making up for lost time of being so limited for so long. But this dog wants to go and move and do things. And again he is as content as can be laying on dog bed near you while you work on the computer, etc. but when has chance, loves to be outside (cold and snow bother him not in the least) and he likes to just like be in the yard, and is like a guardian of the yard. Where he is staying now the yard has chain link on one side that faces a big public park, if Buddy sees people walking by with their dogs (or just people) he will alert, with barking, he truly believes it is his duty to guard his yard. He also will sometimes bark at big vehicles like trucks going by, for some reason they stir him up. Buddy would do best in a home with a single person. After working with him I could see him being ok with 2 people but they would both have to be super confident and savvy in understanding guardian dogs and be able to manage Buddy if he started to prefer one person over the other. He is brilliant with one person. No issues. We did see him have 2 experiences in 2 different homes where he preferred one person over the other (the one he bonded to with the most) and then start acting like "the other" was maybe something he needed to guard against or perceived suspiciously for some reason. It was slightly random at first so we did not see this coming at all in the beginning. But we have concluded that he should go to a solo home or if two people, super savvy dog people that could work with him if he started to prefer one over the other. It is very sad in a way because when you know Buddy you could just picture that his ideal home would have been a big family with lots of kids, a huge yard (maybe a hobby farm), lots of people, love, activity and workin' it outside. That would have been Buddy's dream. Because he was cooped up for at least 8 years and not worked with taught anything, this may have contributed to him preferring one person and not "the other." We can only speculate. So we are looking for "the right" home for Buddy and realize this won't be easy. But we want him to have a wonderful life full of love and activity and we do not want to set him up for failure. Right now the best home would be a single person who loves to be active and would get Buddy out there with him/her. Buddy 100% can be taken to the dog park-you just can't let him totally free if people are in the park "just in case" he perceived some to be a threat. He can go to the dog park with a 30 or 50 foot lead/harness and then you just gain control of him and steer him away from people if they are coming near, so you can give plenty of freedom and openness but just have ability to re-direct. I have included a video of an example of this. He basically ignores almost everyone at the dog park (not interested in the people whatsover) except will give an occasional bark if someone walking by somewhat close but doesn't lunge after them or try to go after them (Buddy is more defensive than offensive). But you just have to make sure you have control of him so you don't let people get to close to him (is the point). Buddy LOVES walks, you can walk him with a 30 foot lead. or a regular leash, giving him plenty of exercise and freedom, you just wouldn't stop and talk to someone with him, if someone on sidewalk you steer around them. Again Buddy is way more interested in what he is smelling, you just don't want him to get defensive (of you) if someone got to close. So dog parks, walks- absolutely yes, You just have to be his responsible manager and you can give him the best active life possible. I could see Buddy totally living on a farm or hobby farm - IF the person had the ability to recall him when needed, teach him train him and/or had a fenced in area for him. Buddy is good with other dogs. Buddy is "so so" not so great with cats. With an old feeble cat he was fine, with a young cat he wanted to chase. Unfortunately no kids, even though he would adore children but because of his unpredictability can't take that chance. Buddy is a special dog. He has suffered at the hands of well intended humans and we are looking to make up for that by giving him the most loving, and active life he can enjoy.

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Buddy *I need a foster or adoptive home* Buddy *I need a foster or adoptive home* Buddy *I need a foster or adoptive home* Buddy *I need a foster or adoptive home*
Buddy *I need a foster or adoptive home* Buddy *I need a foster or adoptive home* Buddy *I need a foster or adoptive home*